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"I discovered Mamatefet even before I moved to Vancouver... We arrived at the end of August when I was 7 months pregnant... On my second day in Canada there was a meet-up of the pregnant women's group. I met an amazing group of women and finally got answers about giving birth in Canada. I had lots of questions, fears and problems along the way and luckily this wonderful group exists who answered my questions. On Nov 19th our first born son was born. It's no secret people love getting food... but the support, attention and attentiveness is worth much more... It is very important to me to thank all of you for what you do and for your help and support. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate what you've done. You are all very lovely."

Pregnancy Dress

"Today I am one of the recipients and words cannot describe how moving it is to know that

I am not alone.

Thank you Mamatefet, the world is a much better place when you're loved."

Wild Flowers

"Thank you very much to Mamatefet's angels

for a heart-warmed delivery.

It's great to feel part of a supportive group of women. Love you all."

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

"I'm at loss for words...

The fact you came to visit me in the hospital

and spread love and support made me smile

and gave me new strengths to cope when

I thought I didn't have any left.

You have no idea how much I appreciate what you did for me. And the meal delivery yesterday!! All the home made meals that everyone made for me, it's unbelievable!

This morning I can't stop reading the moving card I got and to taste from all the delicious treats that give me so much love, warmth and support that only women can give and feel.

Mamatefet - you are an inspiration!

You made me believe there is such thing as selfless love even being far away from home.

Thank you all for the big hug and support you've given me in this difficult time.

The Mamatefet family is dear to my heart. Thank you so much for everything, I am speechless."

Pregnant Woman in Nature
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